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When a boat is well-designed, through livable comfort when long range cruising, it will also be competitive at regattas and enjoyable to sail. The list of Grand Soleil results just confirms how valid it is in any condition.

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1° - ORC worlds Trieste 2017 - GS43R - REVE DE VIE - Corinthan Class B

Concluded the ORC Worlds Trieste 2017 championship: congratulations to the Grand Soleil 43R "Reve de vie" of Ermanno Galeati who took the 1st place in Corinthan and World Champion in Class B Well done guys!!!!! #GS43R #GrandSoleil43r #Revedevie #ErmannoGaleati #CantiereDelPardo


2° - ORC worlds Trieste 2017 - GS39 MORGAN IV - Class B

Congratulations to the Grand Soleil 39 "Morgan IV" of Nicola de Gemmis, 2nd place in Corinthian class B Well done guys!!!!! #GS39 #GrandSoleil39 #MorganIV #NicoladeGemmis #CantieredelPardo



1° - ORC Italian National Championship 2017 - GS39 MORGAN IV - Class 2

Compliments to the #GrandSoleil39 MORGAN IV, owner De Gemmis Nicola and team that won the ORC Italian National Championship in class 2!!! Well done guys!!!



1° - Trofeo Arcipelago Toscano - GS46 B&C - Pierservice Luduan

The TAT trophy combine the results from the 151 miglia race, the Lunga Bolina race and the Regina Paesi Bassi race, 3 very strong and important regattas. We would like to congratulate once again, Pierservice Luduan for taking the first place also in this one! Well done!



1° - Brindisi Corfù - GS39 - Rotevista 2.0 - ORC B

Congratulations to the #GS39 ROTEVISTA' 2.0 of the owner Nolè Gerardo took first in category ORC gruop B !!!

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